Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fantastic Whale watching aboard the Stena Europe, Risso's Triangle Rocks!

The Stena Europe set sail from Fishguard to Rosslare with a Sea Trust monitoring team aboard. Sea Conditions were calm and a hazy cloud cover prevented glare which gave almost perfect conditions. 
Sea Trust regulars Elfyn and Barbara were joined by first timers, Swansea University Marine Club members Zoe and Saul, it was pretty hectic with porpoises from the start .

 A Minke whale gave a brief view and then as we entered the "Risso's Triangle more porpoises  and then several  Risso's  followed by another pod much closer in towards the past the Tusker Rock Light.
After an excellent meal in the Harbour View restaurant in Rosslare we returned to the Stena Europe. The long mid summer day allowed us another hours survey on the return trip and gave us a really spectacular Minke right on our bow after Barbara spotted it first some way ahead. More Risso's followed and a mystery cetacean which we think may have been  a Northern Bottlenose Whale. We are awaiting better views of Elfyns photo's in the hope we can nail it one way or the other. As the long midsummer day darkened we left the bridge had a nightcap and then went to bed in our cosy cabins. The morning was overcast but reasonably calm in Rosslare for our second return trip. Several Porpoises kicked us off and Saul spotted our third Minke, but the expected Risso's failed to materialise. A few more porps and then the wind started to raise and brought the effort watch to a premature end as the sea state climbed past the SS.3 limit and beyond as we progressed inbound towards Fishguard.. Should have some nice pic's from Elfyn and some of my film for tomorrow, watch this space!