Monday, 11 August 2014

Skomer from Steve Rosser

Hi Cliff/Hannah
Just back from 4 days volunteering on Skomer. My cetacean observations were as follows:
Tuesday 5th August Garland Stone    5 adult porpoise
Wednesday 6th August The Wick       5 adult porpoise.
Thursday 7th August Garland Stone    6 adult porpoise with 1 juv
Friday    8th August  Skomer Head        3 adult porpoise
Saturday 9th August  Garland Stone     4 adult porpoise in a very rough sea (sea state 5/6) surfing down the waves.
Other reports included a sun fish off North Haven on Wednesday, common dolphin seen from the Dale Princess on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and common dolphin off Garland Stone on Friday (seen by fellow volunteers). Many day trippers reported porpoise and dolphin all around the island.  The first seal pups were also seen this week. Bird highlight of the week was a goshawk in North Valley.
What a magical island.