Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bottles with Steve Hartley

Steve Hartley doing what he does best!

As the weather looked favourable we decided to give the bottles at Newquay a try with Steve Hartley on his lovely new boat "Anna Lloyd". As such we were helping to sponsor a research trip for our colleagues Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Group.  With volunteer Cheryl and Steve taking data and Photo ID it also allowed us to get some photo's and film.

we got lucky off shore as no Bottles had been seen on the coast!
We set off on one of Steve's pre-set transect patterns into a slight chop from the Easterly breeze. It was not easy to spot animals in a sea state 3 with several white caps but a single circling Gannet ahead of  showed us the way after about an hour. As we approached a dolphin surfaced on our bow, and then three more including a calf.

Sea Trust supporters having a great time out and CBMWG getting data!
 Everybody was excited by the arrival of our new companions and Steve started getting some photographs to contribute to the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre archive.
Dolphins bow riding as a yacht approaches.
The Dolphins chose to swim along with us until a yacht appeared to be on a collision course showing no signs of anyone in control. We dodged and hailed it and a bleary eyed chap appeared and waved!
Soon after, another small group arrived making a total of about eight! they stayed with us for at least half an hour and showed the worth of Steve's gentle approach!