Friday, 3 October 2014

Our Superpod of Common Dolphins refound yesterday with the One Show crew!

The media have been falling over themselves reporting our superpod apparently its been on several TV news program's, newspapers etc. One consequence was Mike Dilger and the BBC "One Show" team asked us to take them out to try and see if they could film them with us.Our luck was in, the weather Gods cooperated, and so did the dolphins (or at least a thousand or so did!)

 Mike and the crew were really amazed and having delivered the goods, we were also pretty chuffed, not to mention relieved to have found them again!
Andy Rickard and his dad Brian were as usual, top skipper and crew with Andy almost seeming to have a dolphin radar in his head!  Brian did a grand job with tea, Pizza and Welsh cakes, also acting as safety man!
Steve Rosser was spotting and photographing, with Tim Wroblewski of  habitat INFO trialing a new android real time recording system with us.Hannah was as usual multi tasking doing the data entry,spotting and filming, have a look at her video!