Monday, 6 October 2014

Porp's from Pebbly Beach (Fishguard Bay)

Having received Sarah's message about the bottles I went off to our  observer post/caravan on Pebbly Beach overlooking Fishguard Bay yesterday in the hope the bottles would would pop around the corner to see us. 
No bottles but plenty of Porpoises feeding under Gannets. I did a click count and also observed some nice behavior.
Something we quite often observe is "leapfrogging" where one individual leaps over another. This may be playful or aggressive but there often seems to be a mother and calf in the vicinity (as was the case then) . 
A new one for me was two Porpoises breaching together like a pair of synchronized swimmers. There was also an instance of "posing" where an animal semi breached stiffly arching its back with its tail curled under its belly. All in all a lovely hour spent in the autumnal sun, out of the wind watching porpoises interacting  whilst Ravens "croncked" overhead and a bull seal blew bubbles near the shore!

Around 15-20 porps showing this afternoon under several feeding gannets off the point too.