Friday, 14 November 2014

Strumble Diary we love it...and so do the Risso's!

We decided to do a click count at Strumble but there were no porpoises in our first five minute scan and by the end of the second I got the feeling that we were too early on the ebb tide.

And then as I scanned back I noticed something break the water which I first thought to be a seal. I nearly ignored it but a passing gull also hesitated over the spot and so I gave it another few seconds and the lovely tall raked fin of a Risso's surfaced.

moments later a second and then a third Risso's  appeared I had just invested in a new  Cannon bridge camera that I was told was a lot quicker at taking shots than the old one, and so it was!

Considering these animals were about a mile away when the pictures are blown up they are still quite crisp at 50x It seems unbelievable for the money. It fires off like a machine gun!

So yet another Strumble Risso's record. We have been recording them here since the 1980's. 
Along with the Porpoises they have been a regular and important  feature.  We have tried to get Strumble and its associated tidal features protection but it keeps falling on deaf ears.
As we amass more and more evidence surely the powers that be, cannot  keep listening to so called experts that are ignorant of or prefer to turn a blind eye to the facts, 

Sea Trust are the only ones actually monitoring cetaceans in the Irish Sea throughout the year, year on year, on an almost daily basis. Nobody knows the southern Irish sea and Bristol Channel better than us....