Monday, 29 December 2014

Our last Stena Europe ferry survey of 2014 and a pretty chilly one! Yesterday we had a few porpoise sightings before the sun went down in spectacular fashion. Ireen and Alicia came along with Ireen's boyfriend Peter. Aaron Davies completed our team. 

This morning looked good as we left Rosslare harbour but we had a series of really frustrating distant splashes we found impossible to resolve. Ireen did establish one pod of about a dozen dolphins probably commons but difficult to be sure in silhouette  As usual Strumble gave us a couple more porp's but even more frustrating apparently a dolphin bow rode the ship into harbour and was only seen by the quay wall gang as we berthed. None the less we managed a December Survey in good conditions by the skin of our teeth with ten sightings to add to the count!

There did not seem to be any porpoises attracted by whatever all these gulls and auks were feeding on off Strumble but it was a pretty impressive sight.