Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Strumble Diary Bottles of Dinas Head Porp's off Strumble Head!

At lunchtime we had a call from fisherman Paul Welsh who was working his pot lines and said he was just off Dinas Head and surrounded by Dolphins. Apparently they were putting on quite a display! I realised we would not be able to get to Dinas in time so headed to the Fishguard  Harbour outer breakwater, We could see what looked like a lot of dolphins in the distance in our binoculars, which looked like Bottles in the telescope. As Paul Said they ere very active making big splashes as they breached. I was hoping they were going to come to us but sadly in the end they headed off north. Thanks Paul!  (I just spoke to him on the phone and her reckoned there could have been over a 100!)

We decided the go on to Strumble as the sea conditions were so good and do a click count.
although the porpoises were not too close we managed to record quite a few sightings which gave an average of  29.25 which is pretty good for the time of the year. Better still we had a beautiful mother and small calf. 

A big bull grey seal added even more interest on a cold misty winters day !