Wednesday, 18 March 2015

March Stena Survey with three species recorded.

The outward leg yesterday was about as good as it gets with sea state 1 good visibility and 13 separate sightings.  Porpoises popped up from the start with several around  Strumble and one or two further out.
About halfway we saw a lot of gannets which put us onto a big pod of  circa 60 common dolphins  all a bit distant but nice to see.
Surprise of the day were a couple of Risso's dolphins just outside Rosslare Harbour which finished the trip off nicely.
Today was less good with stronger breeze and a choppy sea but we did manage to get another large Dolphin Pod, possibly the same ones feeding under lots of gannets and again pretty distant, at least a mile away  As usual we had a couple of Porpoise sightings on the way in past Strumble to finish us off nicely!
Thanks to all the officers and crew of the Stena Europe for looking after us and the shore staff for looking after the bookings. The breakfasts are really good, heartily recommended!