Saturday, 14 March 2015

Strumble diary Saturday 14th March Splashy stuff!

 A really quick visit to Strumble  this morning with Erik and Cristina, A cold Easterly breeze had us huddled behind the lookout and a mistyness was reducing visibility.There were porp's about but the sea was a bit mixed up and getting shots of them was very hit and miss.

We looked for some bird activity to point out where they were feeding. In the summer its always Gannets that show us where they are but in the winter its usually gulls. On this occasion it was a Common Gull!

Not long after other gulls joined in, but with the poor visibility and the porpoises random surfacing  these shots were the best I could manage. Lets hope they are more obliging for our Four o Clock Porp Watch tomorrow, one of our Science Day Event, we are running in Partnership with the Bristish Science Association