Thursday, 5 March 2015

Strumble Diary:Thursday March 5th ... Surfy porp dudes and mother/s? with Calve/s?

Our first visit to Strumble this month as tides/wind/weather/other stuff, had not been favourable.
As we arrived it was obvious that the big tide was rushing through fast and we had probably missed the best of the action as the ebbing tide carried the porp's out past the lighthouse. (This was later confirmed by some visiting Geologists from Hereford) 

Distant surfy porp!

I managed to snap a surfy Porp in the distance having missed others as they retreated out of sight. 

Mother and Calf... 
We were ready to leave when we realised a mother was leading a small calf out of the tide race into the calmer inshore area.They came past us quite close , (see Cristina's film). We are not sure if it was one mother and calf or two which illustrates the difficulties of actually counting porpoises even at close range!

...or maybe two mothers with calf's?