Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Strumble Diary: An hour at Strumble this morning!

An hour at Strumble this morning
The sun was just coming up as I arrived and i disturbed a female Merlin sat on the rocks below. She was probably awaiting the arrival of some tired migrant pipit. I sat on the cliff edge below the lookout the tide was low and making so I had high hopes of snapping some Porpoises. They were there, plenty of them, but all a long way out.Usually the birds let us know where they are either the gull's or the gannets but nobody was playing the game making it hard to get a pic. These were the best I could do... A couple of seals had a bit of a standoff below, blowing bubbles at each other! Eventually I gave up hope on the porp's getting closer and I needed some breakfast before another day smiling at people in the Ocean Lab! As I climbed back up to the car a string of Common Scoter were heading west , choughs were calling somewhere in the distance , all in all a nice little session and thankfully no fog!