Monday, 22 June 2015

Fishguard Bottles

Thanks to Steve Berry we had a heads up this morning that a couple of adults and a calf Bottlenose Dolphin were in Fishguard Bay but I thought that the amount of boats out today would have scared them off. So later this afternoon when Martin told me they were still there! Obviously everyone was behaving responsibly and not scaring them off.

I hot footed it to the outer breakwater just in time to see them heading away. I decided to hang around and was rewarded by their return at least four or five including a half grown calf I noticed a boat crossing the bay at speed and feared that with the choppy sea it might scare them off. I needn't have worried it was Kieth in his boat "Marlin" who slowed down as he approached and then stopped at a safe distance. 

And its as simple as that, boats and dolphins can exist together so long as everyone acts sensibly. Don't chase dolphins, give them plenty of space and if they come to you, keep on steering a steady course. Its common sense. Anyone not keeping to these simple rules can be heavily fined or even imprisoned...
Happily i managed to get a few shots and we should be able to identify them if we see them again!