Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More Midsummer Minkes!

Lloyd Jones of Haven Diving Services invited the Sea Trust team to join them on the Celtic Wildcat on one of their shark filming expeditions therefore adding value to the trip by allowing us aboard to do a cetacean survey! Nice one Lloyd we were really grateful especially as the conditions were near perfect. As we motored out of the haven and just before we passed the heads we spotted what appeared to be a mother and calf  Harbor Porpoise and possibly another adult Harbor Porpoise
which we failed to get a shot of.

We had a bit of a sloppy swell from the previous days rough sea and heading south out of the Milford Haven  with  but little wind, the sea began to settle down and on the way out to the Shark mark we had Common Dolphins coming into the bow-wave.  It was a nice but brief encounter however  the idea was to stop and chum for Shark so we cut the engine and set up the chum trail.
At least one Shark did turn up but was frustratingly impossible to film or snap and after a long but not unpleasant spell of chumming we eventually gave up and headed back homewards and pretty immediately hit into more  Common Dolphins 

Variety is the spice of life and a  Minke Whale is a very spicy addition to what was already turning into a very satisfactory trip... More tomorrow !