Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Strumble Diary: Porp's can be a pain,,,

A glimpse of a porpoise!
Something on the Horizon

Loads of Porp's today but you would not believe how hard they were to snap as they were what I call ziffing, That is zero feet feeding just below the surface without making much more than a flurry of foam visible . You could see they were there because over fifty Gannets and about seventy odd gulls were wheeling about above them but there was no concerted action . It seemed the porps were well spread and foraging individually.
I saw a big and I do mean big ship heading north .

I could not work out what it was but having blown up the image, it is a super trawler capable of wreaking immense destruction on our marine environment.
All the more reason why we need the Welsh Government to designate Marine SAC's. We live in hope!