Friday, 24 July 2015

And from Chris Grayell... WOW some trip!

hi everyone,
Weds 22nd saw a single Minke Whale in the triangle formed by Grassholm, Smalls and Bishops at about 1015 am, Common Dolphins earlier halfway out of Ramsey Sound towards Grassholm, a pod of about 20 animals with young and again further west coming back in, may have been the same pod if they had reversed their direction of travel, and a Great Shear in the same area, about 0900.  Porps with calves in Ramsey Sound.
Thursday 23rd, pod of about 12 Risso's west of Grassholm about 1/3 distance towards Smalls, about 1000 hours, couple of young animals, and 2 Commons later about 1600 almost exactly halfway between Ramsey and Grassholm.  Porps wth calves in Ramsey Sound.
I absolutely LOVE my new job!!!!
allthingsgood, Chris

See what you mean Chris but this week we could have done with you on the old job!