Thursday, 9 July 2015

Celtic Deep

Today Ollie Padget from Oxford University led a team of researchers out to the Celtic Deep to release 10 Manx Shearwaters as part of a navigation experiment. The team saw 30 Common Dolphins, 20+ Porpoise, a Great Skua and 2 Storm Petrels. They also saw Guillemot, Razorbill and Puffin chicks way out to sea. By far the highlight, and a once in a lifetime, was a Humpbacked Whale which they saw breach at the Celtic Deep.

Brill guys! thanks for letting us know! any  humpy pic's specially fluke shots would be really interesting to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group  (not too mention us!) who have had quite a few returns over the years!
The Porp's are also interesting as we rarely see them out beyond the islands .