Monday, 6 July 2015

today from Rhi Till.. thanks Rhi!!!

Rhi Till

22:36 (10 minutes ago)

to me
Shwmae Ffrindiau!

Spent an hour or so this morning (10:30 ish)at Strumble,Monday 6th, and watched half a dozen porps ...breaching and putting on a show. Dr. Anna would've been impressed. The gannets were lively and pointed me in the right direction. Six is a cautious number, felt I saw more but  will stick to that as confirmed sightings.
Saw something else,but no definite idea what it was. It popped up next to a  barrel jellyfish near rocks below observation post. It wasn't a seal,but had a mouth , was yellowy/white  in colour. Was comparable in size to the jellyfish. It didn't hang about and jellyfish bopped away. Mystery ...Must get a better camera!!!

Congratulations also on the symposium, thoroughly enjoyed it. Dr Anna Hall was a coup for Seatrust, fab experience to hear such an authority speak ...  Need a boat:-)

Take care guys,