Friday, 14 August 2015

A blustery morning today and a stop off at the Drill Hall above Lowertown allowed me to look over toward the northern breakwater in the hopes of seeing the Bottlenose that have been around of late. None of those but a group of Porpoise were feeding under a few Gannets. Cliff and I then went to the breakwater and saw several porps two of which were calves. I was taken at how small they all were compared to the individuals we regularly see at Strumble hd. I'd say the largest of these was no more than three and a half feet and the smallest calf was only 18 inches or so. A local boat owner has told me he saw the bottlenose pair half way up the bay toward Dinas Hd on Wednesday evening. Here's a sample of some of the images taken today.

                                          Surf dude.         



                                          The little calf coming up to breath.

                                          Mother with calf below.