Sunday, 9 August 2015

From the Characters on the Clifftop :o)

A trek to Pen Anglas and Crincoed Point to spend a day watching had been on the cards for a while. Weather not too good at times but worth the trip. Besides seeing cliff dangling his legs over the edge of the breakwater we did get to see Apache-R and her calf make a few trips out to the point from the northern breakwater. Cliff named the mother last week and I've given the calf a name after seeing it really close up today. I'm calling it "Ringo" because of the light coloured rings around it's eyes.

  On their second visit a pod of five (three adults and two calves) approached from the direction of Cardigan island, but stayed about 300 Mtrs to the north of our position but didn't interact with Apache-R and Ringo. They stayed for some ten minutes or so and made their way back toward Cardigan.  Hope you all enjoy the photos.


                                          Very small calf of visiting pod.
                                          Mother and calf.
                                          Very distinct dorsal fin markings.

                                          Apache-R fin mark and white lips.

                                          Apache-R  and Ringo close up.

                                          Ringo back markings and fin blemish

                                          Ringo coming up for air.