Tuesday, 25 August 2015

From Malcolm...

Malcolm Barradell

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There was some very good porpoise action in Ramsey Sound this morning, 5-7 mother calf pairs and two very lively tight groups of young males?

Total number of porpoise around c 35-40 in and moving through the sound on the ebb to flood tide (app 3 hours).
Lot more heavily pregnant seals around too, hugging the shore.

Have to give a mention to the boats,  Why travel so fast up down across and along the shore in the sound?  On a neap tide around slack water with gannets circling indicating porpoise presence and its seal pupping season.

Several years ago we met regularly as part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forums's Marine Code steering group.Speed limits were agreed. 

This seems to have gone by the bye. It has to be in the interests of the boat operators to look after their main asset the wildlife?