Friday, 25 September 2015

A rather full but exciting day today. A trip to Strumble this morning around 10am about 2,1/2 Hrs before low water and a mild westerly building the swell off the lookout. No porpoise at that time but after noticing a commotion on the fringes of Carreg Onnen Bay I walked over toward the far car park to see about 30-40 common dolphin making their way outward with around 60 Gannets following above. A gap of about 40 minutes and then the Porpoise approached from the west but in the ebb tide stayed well out feeding and moving at speed. A quick lunch and then out to the northern breakwater with Cliff where we were greeted by Apache and Ringo. Shortly after several more bottles arrived, another mother and calf and several other individuals. They gave us a good show before moving off toward Dinas Hd.

                                         A very distant Common Dolphin. 


                                          Apache & Ringo. 4 above images.

                                          It's love!!!

                                          Not seen these two before.Note the spot on the fin.

                                          Not seen this one before either.

                                          A new mother and calf for us I think