Saturday, 19 September 2015

Another great day and a first for me. All the times I've been to Strumble I've never seen a Rissos out there. Well that certainly changed today. As Cliff said previously there were a good few animals there but quite distant except for a mother, calf and another adult which came to within a Quarter mile or so.  We watched the main pod make their way out to sea before we lost them in the increasing waves as the wind came against the ebbing tide.
   That was it or so we thought. Cliff and Ian were leaving and I said I would stay a half hour or so more. Cliff's parting comment was something like "Trying to sneak a few more Risso's then are you". Who knows I thought. Well I'm glad I did because ten minutes later I had the best sighting of the day with a group of five or so including a calf passing west to east through the tide race but quite quickly with the tide. I managed to get most of the below shots as they did so. Enjoy!

                                          This little Porpoise got in on the action too.