Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Common Knowledge

Sea Trust supporter Adrian Roger was at Strumble today, it was a great day for birds with all four skuas but they also clocked up a pod of circa 15 Common Dolphins and two separate  Sunfish! Apparently a young lady from SWF turned up saying that they never get any reports from Strumble.
Obviously she was poorly informed as although we do not report directly to SWF any more than they do to us, Sea Trust is and over the past twelve years, have been the most active marine conservation group in Pembrokeshire. For many years we were the only group recording throughout the year in West Wales.
We report almost daily on cetaceans at Strumble on this blog as well as Face Book and links to other blogs etc , Our work even being featured on BBC Countryfile back in March with a viewing audience of over 7 million viewers!. Adrian and all the other Strumble regulars were astounded at her ignorance.
Sea Trust has been recording cetaceans at Strumble for over 15 years, year round, often several times per week. Our records go to the Local Records Office and we actually presented a report to the local Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership  and NRWproviding evidence as to why The Strumble Head tidal area should be nominated as a Harbour Porpoise  Special Area of Conservation, This contained  over ten years worth of statistically analysed records and both photographic and video evidence 
Whoever sent her must have known all this...We can only speculate as to why they did not tell her...