Monday, 21 September 2015

Some more from today with Stevo

We lucked in today on the breakwater when we found Apache and Ringo still hanging around! Strangely my first brief glimpse as we pulled up in the car seemed to be of porpoises which was what I was hoping for after Barbara and Ian saw them yesterday.


But by the time we got onto the end of the breakwater we saw the dolphins. 

I was pretty sure it was Apache and Ringo but they were not exactly cooperating and were acting a bit strangely surfacing in a very random manner.

They were hard to snap popping up here and there with no apparent pattern or purpose. Hannah and Stevo were trying to count them or at least get some idea of what and who we were looking at whilst I snapped at them whenever they gave me a chance.

Eventually I got half a shot of them both confirming their identity, however when I looked through my shots, one seemed to show that there was a porpoise there as well. Was this the reason for the ir odd behavior maybe chasing the porp/s?