Monday, 7 December 2015

Strumble Delivers AGAIN!!!

Lousy weather, blowing a gale, poor light. Just the weather you'd think not to bother going to Strumble. Well my head needed clearing so not expecting too much off I went. Arrived to a dull scene with very few birds around and very squally conditions. About twenty minutes in I spotted three or four porps off the lighthouse casually feeding. A couple from England joined me eagerly taking in all the info I could give them on the local wildlife. As we watched I noticed a large splash off to the right and about a quarter mile out. I pointed this out and we trained our binos on that location only to see a large shark approx 8-10ft long breech much to our obvious delight, but sadly though not caught on camera. That got the heart pumping I can tell you. The porps disappeared for nearly an hour and I wonder was that down to the presence of this shark?

The visitors left me and I settled back to scanning the area when about 40 mins later my eye was taken by action off to the right of the old lookout about 400Mtrs off mackrel point. There thrashing and tail slapping violently was a Rissos Dolphin. I've not seen such tail slapping and I could hear it from the lookout despite the wind. I managed several shots and now had an even broader smile on my face. What was next I thought. Well, a pause in the action saw the return of the porpoise off the lighthouse and as I watched a Risso popped up in amongst them. Now I was really on a cetacean high and thinking what Cliff was missing. I tracked that one across west to east before it got lost in the swells. Would that be it? Well no. Shortly before leaving a Risso mother and calf  passed west to east some 80 Mtrs or so off the lookout in front of me moving very quickly and hard to track through the long lens. I did manage a few shots though and I've put a sequence of them together in the images below.

Phew! What an afternoon.