Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Stranded Risso's from last month...

At the same time as Rod Penrose  (Welsh Stranding's Coordinator Marine Environmental Monitoring on 0800 6520333.)  picked up the stranded Striped Dolphin from Newgale Beach, This Juvenile Risso's Dolphin was found at Fresh West 14/12 15. 
As luck would have it I bumped into Martin Mathias who had seen it and taken this photo. Apparently it was sadly killed in a collision with some vessel. 
I have seen hundreds of Risso's over the years but never one so close up so it was interesting to see his pic' and also the teeth which i had never seen before. Interestingly although some books say thwey have no teeth in the upper jaw this one does appear to as does the one I found on the internet!

Thanks Martin! 

Image result for risso dolphin teeth