Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Strumble Diary 03/02/16 AM.

Arrived at Strumble this morning as the skies began to clear and an hour or so after low water. I wasn't expecting to see much with the wind quite strong from the NNW. Indeed it was a while before I sighted a porp far out in the tide race and that was very brief. Scanning with the binos as you do for a while I was resigned to the fact it was an early lunch, but as I dropped my binos from my eyes I caught sight of what at first glance looked like a log bobbing in the swells a few hundred feet off. A closer look revealed four porps rafting and it's my guess that it was three males seeking the favours of a female with a young calf. They sort of lolled about on the surface passing the lookout quite slowly which gave me a good opportunity for some images. Unfortunitely by the time I got the lens on them they had separated a little but still remained in close persuit.