Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Porpoise Watch

A good afternoon conditions wise with a strong westerly and large swells on the ebb tide. Several people turned out for the session as well as some passing walkers who stayed a while out of curiosity I think. Sightings were scarce and it was difficult to direct the watchers onto the porps. Several were spotted though and I did manage to catch some on camera too. One shot in particular has caugh my eye and it was of a porp I've seen before. I know I've most probably seen loads of them on several occasions but a healthy unmarked porp looks much like any another. This one however has a deep cut into it's back about 30cm in front of it's tail and I first photographed it on the 16th of this month. This is another step in proving the importance of Strumble Hd and that these Porpoise are returning to Strumble to feed on a regular basis. Cliff gave a talk on the work of the Sea Trust and the importance of Strumble Hd and although not that many porps showed up I think all went away happy, especially the children after the Easter Egg Roll.

Returning porp. See enlargement below.
Note the severe cut in front of the tail. First seen on the 16th March.