Wednesday, 9 March 2016

No Porps Today - I wonder Why

Well, God loves a tryer as they say and believe me I tried. A quick trip this morning and then again this afternoon. I know I've captured porps in storm conditions before now but today was something else. Storm force 10 from the NNW was driving the swells right onto the cliffs below the lookout and the spray was everywhere. I'm not surprised the porps stayed away. The water was heavily coloured from the disturbed sediments but as the flood tide came up the coast it brought clearer water with it and when it all mixed up it produced some wonderful colour. So as I can't give you porps today I can show you what their environment looks like in the teeth of the storm. Think of this as a little interlude until normal conditions return. It's hard to get the scale of these waves but the first three would be around thirty feet or the height of an average house and the last one building to about twenty feet with a 10ft curl on the crest.