Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Stena Ferry Survey at last! and 3 species recorded!

Our first Stena Ferry Survey since early November, the team was Barbara Davies Steve Rosser, Nick McIlroy and myself. (Thanks to all the officers , crew and shore staff for their help and support!) 

On the outward leg from Fishguard to Rosslare we had 12 separate sightings one of Common Dolphin (1, very distant could have been more)  and the 11 other sightings  of Porpoises (18 animals)

The return from Rosslare was even more productive with with three species including Bottlenose Dolphins 1 sighting  (=2 animals) , Common Dolphins 3 sightings  (= minimum 42+ animals)  and Porpoises 15 sightings (= 26 animals)

Bird-wise we saw ten manxies 7 yesterday 3 today the first of the year including one off Strumble so perhaps the first Pemb's Manxie of the year! also this morning several migrating Pipit's passing the ship!

The Bottlenose Dolphins just off Rosslare were a bit of a surprise and wrong-footed us camera wise, with myself only getting a splash and Steve three fins. Last year a solitary animal was hanging around the harbour and it looks like it might have found a mate/friend! it will be interesting to see if they hang around!

Porp's were mainly in the hotspots off the Tusker Light and Strumble head although a few were further afield.

The Common were all pretty distant (see pic') except two we found off Strumble that seemed quite furtive, maybe somehow separated from a larger pod. a last porpoise finished the trip as we headed into Fishguard Harbour!