Sunday, 20 March 2016

Strumble Diary 20/3/16 Here comes the sun and some more porpoises!

Lots of things to do trying to get ready for Easter but a gloomy day eventually transformed with spring sunshine. On the way into Strumble I came across an old friend Sarah Earl walking down the lane to the lookout. Sarah pioneered Porpoise watching at Strumble and in  doing so worked out how they moved up and down with the tide. I remember seeing her twenty years ago sat on the grass with her binoculars and dog making notes. We used to chat and when Sea Trust set up Sarah authored our first reports. Sadly she has had health issues but has made her name as an Artist producing delightful paintings celebrating our Pembrokeshire wildlife and coastline.
Sarah Earl spotting porpoises at Strumble today>

So this was the first time we had spotted Porpoises together in many years and happily the porpoises turned up for us  with the "motley crew" giving us a helping hand/wing!

Dave Edwards turned up a few minutes later and I soon had two spotters helping me to locate the porp's although there were a few about and often the instructions were a bit confusing!