Friday, 25 March 2016

Strumble Diary 25/03/16

Thanks for the intro Cliff. Yes, as Cliff described, normal service resumed today with some excellent conditions and the porps showing well on the ebb tide. At one time it was difficult to decide which way to look as there were a few groups around the lookout. We were joined by a couple from Eglwyswrw who although were primarily birdwatching soon tuned into the porp scene and were busy spotting for us. Thanks to you both. Being Easter weekend there were many more visitors about than in the past weeks and it was nice to be able to part with our knowledge and make their experience of their visit that much more than just a look. They all seemed to enjoy it and having a new tablet with lots of images on show went down well too. It's good to be able to show people what our cetations look like instead of pointing them to the notice board at the lookout. All in all a very enjoyable session with a good level of sightings. Let's hope there's that many about on Sunday afternoon too.