Monday, 28 March 2016

Strumble Diary 28/03/16

Another good day weatherwise and while Cliff was looking for the Bottlenose I was at Strumble. Today I was joined by my brother Mike with Adrian joining us later and a visit from Richard Nichols who spent a half hour or so with us as well as several visitors inquisitive as to what we were watching. The session got off to a slowish start as the tide was on the turn. As the Ebb started to flow the porps became more active with several reasonably close in. We certainly didn't need the binos to track them. Several grey seals put in an appearance with two seemimly pairing up or at least sussing each other out ready for the breeding season.  As the ebb flow decreased so the porps dwindled away and at about 4 o'clock we left Adrian to the birds.