Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Beautiful Strumble Day 12/04/16

A beautiful morning with blue skies and light winds with the tide flooding to a high at 11.40ish made for the ideal conditions for porp watching.  As I neared strumble the horses were grazing in the field in front of the lighthouse and a cock pheasant calmy wondered among some stones at the fields edge. A few metres further and a Merlin was sat on a fence post and took flight as I approached landing again on a post further down the lane. This continued until I reached the car park at which point it gave up and flew off toward Garn Fawr. I got out of the car to the sounds of the gently lapping waves on the rocks below only interupted by the distant cry of a Peregrine Falcon off to my right. Numerous Swallows were flying by and a female Stonechat was singing away on her gorse bush perch. A look over the water and there was my first porp of the day some 300mtrs off. The sun continued to warm my back as I watched over the waters ahead. A very quiet start with only four sightings, one of a very close together adult pair. Cliff and Anna arrived about two hours in and we spent another two hours doing a count and just soaking in the sun, blue seas and a wonderful sky. There were several more sightings including a mother and calf.  Well that was my beautiful morning, what was yours like?  Yes, I am lucky and I know it.

The office... with Anna and Ken working hard!

Adult pair very close together
Mother and calf.