Friday, 15 April 2016

North Wind Blows the Porps In. 15/04/16

Every now and then Strumble throws a curve ball at you. After a week of few and poor sightings today was one of the most active days I've experienced to date. Group after group of porps came into the race and the feeding was fast and furious. At one stage I was literally spoilt for choice as it seemed no matter where I pointed my lens there were porps there. The weather didn't help though and with a very brisk and cold north wind coupled with heavy cloud conditions were far from ideal. We did get some sun for about ten minutes but that was it. I was joined by Adrian who was logging passing birds and even he was taken with the number of porps there. Below is a selection of the 70 or so images that made the cut out of a total of 289 taken.

 This seagull got a big surprise as a porp lifted it off the water. It was sitting there quite happily and then got launched from below. Close up below.