Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Strumble Diary 13/04/16

A day much the same as yesterday weatherwise but a later tide and I wasn't expecting anything different porp wise. The tides are easing onto neaps with not a great range between high and low heights. It was a slow start but after a short while the sightings increased. A few pairs moving together and at one stage four swam through and I managed to get a shot of all four on the surface before they split to feed. The quality of the sightings were good with the sea being calm and in good light. I met a guy and his wife who were visiting the area and he told me that when his wife asked what he wanted to do for his birthday he chose a few days in North Pembs to watch the porpoise at Strumble. I'm glad to say I was able to pass on the most likely places for sightings (and a Sea Trust card) and he was soon spotting like a pro. If you read the blog, happy birthday and I hope the rest of your day went well.