Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What Ken Saw Today. 27/4/16

Two sessions today with the first being from 09:15 on the rising tide until high water at 11:30. I was there but unfortunitely the porps weren't. A very quiet morning but the sea was like a washing machine. I did get sight of a Great Skua though but by the time I got the lens in action it had turned and was flying away from me (see below). The afternoon was a different story (14:30-16:15) with a few porps showing but mostly at a long distance. One or two did come closer in to the ebbing tide race but due to the sloppy nature of the waves were very hard to track. One or two images captured so not a wasted trip.

On my flickr site I've recently posted fifty or so wildlife shots including Strumble seals and some dolphin shots taken last year along with assorted bird images. If you'd like to take a look just click here:

Thanks folks.