Sunday, 15 May 2016

An Amazing Coincidence

As I write this entry I can tell you that I am on an enormous cetacean high. Today at strumble Cliff said to me I've sent you an e-mail of a damaged porp captured in the St Davids Hd/Ramsey Sound area. In reply I said I'd captured an injured porp today also and showed Cliff the image on the back of the camera. This evening when I got back home I was processing the images and suddenly remembered the e-mail Cliff mentioned. On checking the image I imediately thought "This is the same animal" I couldn't quite believe it but on closely checking the fin damage and scar on the left flank I was 99.9% certain. All details passed to the Porpmeister for his opinion on my .01% uncertainty. I've included the images sent in the mail with mine tagged on beneath. Another amazing thing is that the two previous images were taken in February 2010. Another great day at Strumble and yet another historic event in porp watching/recording terms.