Monday, 9 May 2016

Rissos Return!

They have been seen mostly in the mornings around 8:am and so it was this morning. I was a bit behind the curve as the Porpmeister was already in his seat when I rounded the bend on the approach. I reached the lookout to a shout of "They're here!!" As Cliff said previously I've never got the kit out so quickly. As yesterday they were travelling quite slowly and as they got level with us Cliff went to the cliff edge for a better look. Well I think they took the oportunity to look at him too because they stopped, turned and circled around just in front of him. Something I've never seen them do before and it did mean I could get some shots of the right side of the dorsals for the record. No bottlenose today but we still went home smiling.

Token Porp pic for the record.