Sunday, 8 May 2016

Strumble Delivers and Some!!

There's days when things work for you and today was one of those. While Cliff and Zoro were snoring away no doubt,  my inbuilt alarm decided I needed less sleep than my brain did. So at I was standing at the looklout with a cloud laden sky wondering why I didn't turn over and go back to sleep. On the plus side there were plenty of porps feding out in the race with the tide in full flood and at least it was warm. The sky looked as if it might clear so I took a few shots then stood back to wait for better light.
     I thought to myself as I often do "I'd love to see some big fins for a change" The cetacean gods smiled and there out past the island moving NE were indeed big fins. Excellent! Rissos I thought and no one (Cliff) to shout it at. But wait, they're not Rissos I thought, they were Bottlenose. There were about four-six of them moving NNE along the outside of the tide race. Poor light or not the shutter was red hot. Suitably lifted I went back to watching the porps and wondering about the Rissos that had been seen a few days before. I walked to the west side of the lookout and spent several minutes looking out into the distance past the island in hope more than anything else. Nothing spotted so I turned to return to my camera. As I did three very large fins came into view just to the east of the lookout and no more than 30 Mts off the rocks. RISSOS!!!! I shouted inside my head. A sprint to the camera and I had four of them in my lens in no time. They were moving at almost walking pace and surfacing every fifteen metrs or so giving me plenty of time for images and putting my brain on a cetacean high removing all thoughts about the early start. For me a superb start to any day and I hope yours sarted just as well.

Token porp shot for the record