Saturday, 14 May 2016

Strumble Diary 14/5/16

After having spent five very frustrating hous at Strumble yesterday seeing several porps but not catching one of them I nearly didn't go today but I met Cliff who was going late afternoon so I decided to join him. Cliff learned from a gent who was in the car park when we arrived that there had been a small group of Rissos pass through about an hour before we got there. Such is life in this game :o(
Anyway,  we settled back for a session and the porpmeister soon had one in the binos. Skillfully spotting for me I soon had some in the lens too. A few single individuals and then I spotted a group of three way out in the tide race. Sightings were in the main brief but thankfully I managed to grab a few shots of this group. When I got to processing the images I noticed that two of them had damaged fins and at least one of the two is new to us. Another good result and another to go in the archive of damaged animals for future reference.