Thursday, 19 May 2016

Strumble Diary 19/5/16

I wasn't intending to go out today as I'm off to visit my grandchildren later. I did manage to grab an hour though before the rain stopped play. I got to Strumble on the start of the ebb tide and the race was just starting to form off the point. Numerous gannets and other birds were patroling the stretch in front of the lookout and it soon became apparent that there were porps from a mile out to the NW to half a mile or so beyond mackerel point towatd Fishguard Bay. Feding was vigourous with porps madly dashing around after fish. Several pairs were observed as well as some larger groups moving in from the NW. The weather wasn't brilliant for images with the light getting poorer as the rain front moved in.
     I was delighted though to capture a sequence of images purely by chance of one pair as seen below. It's a set of four images and it went something like this. Imagine you're a porp just swiming along after a bit of dashing around (Image one). Next thing you're being lifted from below (image two) Hang about, what's going on? Someone doesn't like me hunting here and want's me off their patch (images three and four). All he had to do was say excuse me. A bit of fun narrative I know but behaviour I've not seen before. We often see leapfrogging but not an all out assault.

Have a great weekend everyone.