Monday, 20 June 2016

Fishguard Harbour Bottles continue to show but come and go!

Wdigbirder alerted us to the bottles in the harbour mouth this afternoon and we dashed out to try and get some pic's unfortunately Eddie was lifting his pots and they slinked off  and I only got a couple of distant shots. An hour later we returned along with Ken and his wife Pauline who I am sure will have some better shots.
There has been what appears to be four dolphins recently, none of which seem to have any really obvious markings. Looks like two mothers with two well grown calves.

They are a bit nervy with minimal and confusing surfacing, extremely hard to keep a track of.  There were two animals and then briefly four surfaced together although the second two disappeared  just as mysteriously as they arrived! It started off with a similar number last June and numbers built up as the summer progressed int autumn, lets hope this year continues to mimic last year!