Tuesday, 21 June 2016

More Breakwater Bottles

Two more bottlenose present today. A different two to those seen on previous days and no calves either. Looks like two adults and each with distinctive fin markings. I spotted them from Saddle point and made my way to the breakwater only to find no sign of them or the gannets that were over them when I first looked. I waited a good 25 minuted and then up they popped as if out of nowhere and I think the gannets have a sixth sense too as they too just appeared. They were feeding and moving quite eratically splitting up and then coming back together at times. I managed to get these shots before a fishing boat came out and spooked them. By the time they came up they were a good 300 mtrs out and heading off up toward Newport Bay. That was good enough for me and so I made my way back.

Sea Bass? That'll do nicely.