Saturday, 18 June 2016

Strumble Diary 18/6/16

It's hard to top the previous post and well done to the northern team. I was later than planned getting to Strumble so I saw out the last hour of the ebb tide and the first four hours of the flood tide. At the start there was a lot of activity off to the west as I would expect at this stage of the tide and too many gannets to count overhead the porps below. I picked off a few isolated animals moving up the flow including the one with the chopped fin which we've been seeing quite a lot of lately. I then had to sit back over the slack water period as nothing much was showing. A few more captured later including a mother and calf and a pair leapfrogging without the leap, more a roll over the back.

And yet again.

Mother and calf.

Roll over.