Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Strumble Diary 22/6/16 Calves Galore Part I

As I arrived Cliff and one of the Amigos were finishing off a click count. It seems things were a bit quiet to that point but it was picking up as the ebb tide increased in pace. Lots of bird activity with gulls and gannets all over the tide race and an ever increasing number of feeding porps too. We spotted a mother and calf pair and I tried to follow them hoping for some good shots in the near ideal conditions. I soon had a few in the bag as Cliff left the lookout. For the sake of keeping the images in chronological order they are in the post preceeding this one. As the time went on wave after wave of porps came throught he race with the feeding being very hectic. Always difficult at this time due to their speed and eratic directions. Things did calm a bit and to my delight another mother, calf, + another (male) came into view.  They were relatively close in and spent a couple of minutes circling around giving me the perfect opportunity to catch some good shots. The mother has distinctive fin markings and I'm not sure if we've seen this one before. With more than enough images to keep the Porpmeister happy in the bag I finished the session about 13.30pm.

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Mother with maturing calf close by.

Mother calf + another


Mother with calf following

Off the top of a swell.

Calf on it's own

Riding on mothers shoulder.