Thursday, 2 June 2016

Strumble Diary 2/6/16

After the cutting NE winds of the past few days with almost zero sightings it was nice to see better conditions this morning although with the winds still from the north. I was a bit behind the action arriving at around 8.30ish with most of it going on just to the west of the island. Lots of gulls and gannets with porps dashing around feeding well in the still quite choppy tidal race. A few individuals were spotted closer to the lookout which I did my best to capture yielding only a few images. I also got a nice close gannet flyby and a small group of Auks heading east. Over to Cliff for a while now as I'm off to sample some ouzo and take in some sun, hopefully without a NE wind.

Not sure, but is there not a fish in the mouth of porp 3/4? cliff