Tuesday, 12 July 2016

From Glenn Ibbotson from Strumble!

Strumble yesterday]. At least 7 dolphin fairly close in-but Common rather than Bottlenose. they were very bouyant and so gave clear views of face patterns and even occasionally a creamy-yellow wash on the sides of the head. One individual had a particularly 'rearing' action when breaching the surface at a steeper angle than the others. Another had a clear notch 3/4 way up its fin's trailing edge. Also one calf, which jumped right out and performed a quarter-roll. There had been at least 2 Porpoises around, but they gave the Magnificent Seven [+] a very wide berth! All this between 1-45 to 3'30pm See you soon, G lenn
Brilliant report Glen and first Strumble CD's of the year , many thanks!