Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Another day, same place different dolphins

I was surprised to get a call from Karin Clarke who told me there were two dolphins, a mother and calf in Fishguard Harbour near Fisherman's Quay. My heart sank as it sounded like it would be lost common dolphins rather than our usual Bottles which usually stay safe in the deeper water.

I went out to look for them with my binoculars but could not see them in the area described as I searched a man ran by slightly out of breath but intent on keeping running croaked "Dolphin's and pointed in the vague direction of the quay. I still could not find them so decided to go out onto the outer breakwater and see if I could see them from there.

I had just opened the gate to get onto the breakwater when I noticed them close in near the life boat pen, In the past I have had to wade in and try and scare them back out to deeper water for fear of them stranding. I watched and photographed them, they seemed confused and uncertain of their bearings, which as they are usually found out to sea in deeper water was not so surprising. 

Thankfully, as low water was almost on us, they were in deeper water safe enough, at least until the next low tide. Hopefully they will get out during the night. The mother had a slightly disfigured fin so we should be able to recognise her if we get close enough again... 
I will be extremely happy not to see them again!